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Johnny Jobseeker is proud to be working with the author of “The Job Seeker’s Path To Career Excellence”, JoAnne Casterlin. With over 15 years experience, JoAnne has helped many people as an experienced career coach, personal branding strategist and community builder. You can read the rest of her bio below:

JoAnne Casterlin is a career coach, personal branding strategist and community builder living in Binghamton, New York. For over 15 years, she has been providing a service which is second to none. Proficient in such areas as resume writing, personal branding, interview prep and goal achievement, coupled with her “best fit” system allows JoAnne’s results to speak for themselves. One of the hundreds of clients that JoAnne has mentored and coached had this to say…

“JoAnne is an extraordinary professional. The time and care in which she takes to make sure your documents and pages are up to par is mind boggling. Since JoAnne has started helping me with my LinkedIn account and revising my resume, I have received an email every week from a potential employer. My salary has increased with JoAnnes’ help and not just the salary, but the right job. She has counseled me in many aspects to make sure that I make the right decision as to which position is the best fit for me. I cannot say enough about JoAnne. She is smart, kind. courteous, and above all professional and it shows.”

JoAnne strategically positions business professionals by empowering individuals and organizations to reach their highest potential. Once she identifies and clarifies their purpose, JoAnne teaches them how to successfully pursue meaningful activities to impact their world.

JoAnne’s e-book provides the necessary tools that anyone can follow by utilizing her experience and expertise. It affords the reader specific learning objectives on what it takes to better manage their career successfully and for a lifetime.