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As Co-founder, Benjamin Conboy is the face of Johnny Jobseeker. Benjamin is the Senior LinkedIn Expert at NuSvara and was the guiding force behind Johnny Jobseeker job hunt services. He is the creator of the educational training videos for LinkedIn Profiles, and is passionate about helping you with your job hunt. You can read the rest of his bio below:

To date, Benjamin’s most noteworthy accomplishments have been in the academic arena where he holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics and a BS in Business Management specializing in Managerial Accounting from Elmira College. Immediately following his undergraduate studies, he attended Villanova University where he completed his Master of Science in Finance degree.

While at Elmira College, Benjamin held several active roles on campus including being a Resident Assistant, member of the Student Association Finance Board, IT Consultant, and working in the Office of Career Services as a Career Assistant for 3 years.

Benjamin’s financial expertise stem from his graduate studies at Villanova as well as from interning at State Farm in Elmira, NY. His areas of expertise include equity research and analysis, valuation, fixed income, cost accounting, insurance, and he is Bloomberg Certified.

All during his time in college, Benjamin worked as a sub-contractor to NuSvara, LLC as the digital marketing company’s Senior LinkedIn Consultant. He continues to hold that title today and is responsible for LinkedIn SEO and network building for most of NuSvara’s B2B clients.

His most recent endeavor with NuSvara has combined his experience as a LinkedIn expert with his history and passion for career development training into a new project. That project, Johnny Jobseeker, is a video training service to help recent and soon-to-be college graduates with their job hunt. He has done one-on-one work in this field with fellow LinkedIn experts who have already experienced success in the form of passive recruitment and he has also been asked to speak on the subject at Davis College in their Career Development class.